Why a Licensed Contractor

There are many reasons why you should always hire a licensed and bonded contractor for all construction projects:

Warranty: You want to be able to call one person if anything goes wrong during or after the construction. With a licensed contractor you can rest assured that no matter what issue may arise, whenever it might occur, or whatever it takes to fix it – we are here for you! AA Designs stands by its work. Click here for our 3-Year Warranty information.

Management: There is a lot of coordination, behind the scenes work, organization, phone calls, etc., and paperwork must be taken care of before and during a project. Managing a construction project will become your full-time job, and like in any industry there is a steep learning curve. If you are employed it will be impossible to do both jobs. Letting us take care of all tasks will simplify your life and let you continue with your job, your family and your regular activities.

Established subcontractor relationships: General contractors take several years to develop a reliable network of trusted suppliers, experienced craftsmen and expert crews. We rely on the best professionals in each trade, and we carefully select the best subcontractors for your project. You will benefit from our expertise in the industry, years of accumulated knowledge and our contacts. When a homeowner hires subcontractors there are probable higher project costs, longer construction time, interrupted work by subcontractors and the risk of allowing an unknown and untested person work in your home. Because your project is just a one-time event it is not as important to the subcontractor as it is to us, because there is no prospect of a repeat business or several jobs. Subcontractors usually charge more when dealing directly with a homeowner.

Headaches: In theory, scheduling and project coordination sound like easy tasks. But theory also says that in practice everything is different. Even in a medium size project many trades need to be scheduled, organized, synchronized and managed. Inspectors and subcontractors go on vacation or may be unavailable at a desired time. Frustrations occur when required materials get back-ordered, discontinued, shipped incorrectly, arrive damaged or incomplete, have special handling requirements or need to be picked up to be available when needed. We perform all work per master plan so you can relax.

Communication barrier: Just like other professions the building industry has its own language, communication standards and work process. Unless you are knowledgeable in the field, understand the construction process and ready to spend time to manage the details of each project, you will be in over your head. We know when, with what person and how to communicate with various suppliers, distributors, subcontractors, and city or county officials. We do all this for you as part of our contract.

Permit process: We design your projects for you. After the Design is accepted, we will navigate the plans through permitting on your behalf. We are knowledgeable about the local codes and regulations and can ease homeowners through the process. We also coordinate with the city for all inspections. With the current economic cutbacks, city departments everywhere are operating with a lean staff and wait times are considerable, further adding to the frustration.

Experts in perfection: We strive for perfection in everything we do, we always do everything per code and do it right the first time. If for some reason any item is not what you ordered, or is not acceptable due to quality of workmanship, or has to be reworked or replaced because of faulty or sub-standard materials, we will go to work and resolve any problems for you without you having to spend any time on it. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and your referrals.


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