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 From design through construction to the last finishing trim we care about each and every detail of your construction project.

John Harwer, our General Manager, is a seasoned and well educated executive, engineer, all around expert builder and an experienced contractor. John founded several high technology companies in his career and now devoted his full time efforts to AA Designs operations. He is an experienced team leader, a hard working individual and honest man with excellent organizational and managerial skills. John can always be reached to answer any questions or handle pressing issues or urgent problems. John will not take a “NO” for an answer, and John always comes up with the most creative and elegant solution to any problem.

John is usually on site before anyone else arrives, and he takes personal pride in providing the best personal service to all clients. John speaks and writes in seven languages and as a prolific reader he constantly reads books on many engineering and scientific subjects, and frequently researches all options before he makes the final recommendation to any client.

John Harwer says:
“While the engineering experience and commercial and industrial construction projects were valuable lessons that provided me the highest levels of tangible accomplishment, there is no substitute for the satisfaction I feel in handing over a perfect new or remodeled home to a family, after we jointly designed and built their dream. The best feeling is realizing that I just made another new long term friends and made a major difference in their life. Satisfaction of all involved from making their dreams become a reality is like nothing else in the world. Satisfaction from the long term relationships I build with my clients and their families, suppliers, trade contractors, vendors, and the many smart and friendly individuals I encounter every day is what makes me happy. Lastly, I enjoy the satisfaction from converting the most difficult problems into opportunities to excel in delivering the simplest, most elegant and innovative solutions.   In addition to custom home building we are involved in commercial and industrial “Design & Build” projects. This is a very challenging activity as space is always an issue, optimum functionality is absolutely necessary, and most clients cannot afford for the construction project to impact their daily operations. Working late nights and weekends is many times the only way to complete these demanding and important projects. We review the preliminary design with our clients and after a few refinements we start the construction. The result is always a breathtaking facility with maximum productivity, and client’s satisfaction exceeds all our their expectations. Custom designs and building allows me to bring together my education with my experience in creating and building the best layout, and the enjoyment of a smart and perfectly functional design we can produce based on many years of working with top architects and designers. I truly love and enjoy my work and the feeling of creating long lasting, esthetically pleasing homes, satisfying our clients and always making new friends.   If you have a challenging project contact us today to discuss your dream home or your new commercial or industrial project. I guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with our services, with our professionalism and with the results that my team will deliver to you in the time frame you have. You can bet that we will do our best to exceed all of your expectations."  

Thank you for considering AA Designs!

John Harwer, M.Sc.

General Manager
AA Designs


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