AA Designs Goals

Our clients come back every time they need a contractor because we blend elegance and artistry with our passion for outstanding quality and craftsmanship to deliver the best value at a competitive price.
By providing unusual and creative design, elegant style, perfect functionality, outstanding service and quality craftsmanship we earn the privilege to be your contractor.
Our best reward is a referral of your family, friends and associates.
Building profession is about more than projects, materials and tools: It’s about the people!

Our unmatched commitment to quality and customer service allows us to create the most exciting custom homes that exceed all of our clients’ expectations. Our mission is to create your home in the shortest time without compromising quality. When we earn your trust and respect the whole home building process becomes an enjoyable experience for everyone. Look closer at any AA Designs custom home: No compromise in materials or quality of workmanship. Experience our attention to detail and feel the quality that surrounds you. Our passion for perfection creates a real value for today and for many years to come. It is our passion for quality that ultimately sets us apart. It’s the little things that make us BIG!

Our team of dedicated professionals strives to build the most unique residences for the most demanding clients in prestigious communities ofSouthern California. Exceptional quality, old time craftsmanship and constant personal attention to even the smallest details is the foundation on which all AA Designs custom homes are built. We take pride in what we build. As an innovativeSouthern California custom home builder we continue to lead the way by using the latest construction methods, top quality materials, superior engineering, smartest designs, best technologies, impressive architecture and quality workmanship.

Where other home builders are satisfied with building to code, we set a higher standard. Our custom home design criteria greatly exceed UBC andCaliforniabuilding codes to provide you a structure that is built to endure, with minimal maintenance and lowest possible utility bills. Our commitment to quality and our warranty assures you of many years of worry free comfort in your new custom built or remodeled home.

We deliberately take time to consider every detail: design, function, materials, finishes, space, light, form, style, position, comfort and elegance – all of these set us apart from other builders. You want your home to give you a lifetime of comfort, safety, beauty and lasting enjoyment. Your AA Designs custom home represents the combined skills of scores of professional tradesmen and manufacturers, thousands of component parts, and a variety of building materials and construction techniques. If you want a home with the best style, design, function, structure, details and beauty, then get an AA Designs custom built or remodeled home.
When creating your dream we make sure all your wishes, dreams and ideas are included to create your truly unique residence. Every home we remodel can be customized to fit all your needs and taste. Our consultants and designers encourage all your suggestions and ideas. We can design a custom home from scratch or modify your existing home to your specifications. And don’t forget you can get the most out ofCalifornia living by adding a custom pool. Nothing says “California dream home” like a refreshing and titillating custom swimming pool and spa. Choose a size and style from the best selection of pool designs, or let us create a on-of-a-kind custom design to complement your new custom home.

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Before you accept the lowest bid remember…
The bitterness of poor quality hurts long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten…

You dream it – we build it!


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