Working with a Designer

Benefits of working with a designer

Experienced designer will skillfully assemble all the pieces of your kitchen puzzle for you and prevent you from getting bogged down in details that can throw your planning and your project off the track. While our designer determines all the vital measurements, design details, materials and construction logistics – you are free to review the results and concentrate on enjoying your dream…

For example you might want a pull-out trash bin and an integrated recycle center, but you cannot figure out where it would best fit, so you decide to go without it. Experienced designer knows how to make things work based on his specialized training and many years of experience with other projects. You may have always wanted a dramatic beamed ceiling but assumed that your house couldn’t support it. Our designer will work with you and tell you that decorative beams can often be installed below the ceiling line without requiring any structural changes. Great designer will provide you many options you may not see alone, help you to do everything right the first time and make the entire project go smoothly.

Designer Floor Plans

Working with a designer does not mean you give up control of your ideas, plans and dreams, or turn over all the remodeling work to other craftsmen. You are the show producer and our designer is just your director. You are always intimately involved in every detail of the project, and you can even do some of the hands-on work if you enjoy it. But whenever you need help with a design decision, or with the logistics like ordering hard to find products, scheduling delivery dates and coordinating sub-contractors’ schedules, we step in to assist you and get it done.


Designers will do all design work for you

  • Design and draft all your floor plans and elevations
  • Create functional design and review all major items with you
  • Visit your home and verify all measurements for you
  • Prepare project budget and schedule
  • Order all products and materials
  • Coordinate work with construction, painting, and other contractors
  • Oversee installation of cabinets and other design elements
  • Resolve any problems that may arise during the project

Before meeting a designer you decide

  • What you and your family like and dislike about your current kitchen
  • Bring a rough sketch or layout of your dream kitchen
  • Select the general style, contemporary, traditional, eclectic, etc…
  • Decide if your kitchen will match the architectural style of your home
  • Collect photos or magazine tear-outs of your favorite designs
  • Set the date when you want your new kitchen to be completed
  • Set the amount you can spend on your remodel

3D Model


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