Outdoor Living Rooms

Today’s homeowners enjoy dining, entertaining, relaxing and living outdoors. Beautifully designed outdoor living rooms enable year round outdoor living enjoyment. In a smartly designed and well built outdoor living room you can enjoy any activity just like indoors. Depending on your budget your outdoor living room can be either simple with brushed, salt finish or stamped concrete patio and BBQ grill and a dining table, or very elaborate with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen featuring tile or stone flooring, granite countertops for preparing and serving food, sink with hot and cold water faucet and a convenient outdoor refrigerator, and more. You can add many custom amenities such as outdoor fans, outdoor cook top, designer pizza and bread oven, Chinese wok, fireplace or fire pit, granite or glass bar top for serving cocktails, artistic fountains and water features, remotely controlled landscape lighting, elegant statuary, and more. While there are countless options you can add to your outdoor living space, here are some common items you can enjoy in your outdoor space:

  1. Outdoor Kitchen
  2. Barbecue
  3. Pizza oven
  4. Fireplaces
  5. Waterproof Roof
  6. Lighting
  7. Audio and Video

Size and layout for privacy and functionality

Your outdoor room size depends on the activities you want to accommodate and available space. Cooking, dining, socializing, dancing and relaxation are all possible with a good layout. Incorporate natural elements including prevailing winds and sun direction, and always complement your home’s architectural style. Create a room with open views by orienting seating areas to see flowerbeds, water features, lights, mountains or ocean.

Your outdoor room will not have any walls, doors and windows. To create privacy and minimize noise install walls or fence with tall landscaping plants between you and the neighbors. For design continuity, consider precast concrete fence or screening wall with decorative stone or brick pattern to complement your concrete patio. Easy access from the house with food preparation areas close to your indoor kitchen will reduce trips back and forth. Also consider access to power and water. The layout of your outdoor kitchen depends on your cooking style – grilling, stir-frying, poaching, rotisserie and baking pizza.

Create a protected and weatherproof retreat

Awnings, umbrellas, palapas, gazebos, and pergolas supported by decorative columns are different ways to shelter your guests from harsh sunlight, storm or rain while creating intimacy. Work with a landscape architect and experienced artistic contractor to turn your design ideas to reality. We will help you plan an outdoor room that matches your budget, style and aesthetic and functional requirements.

There’s no better way to savor the summer than to eat dinners outdoor. By integrating a dining area into your outdoor space you increase its functionality and create a perfect area for family and gatherings. One way to bring design to the outdoor dining space is to create a permanent rug through the use of decorative concrete, stone or tiles. Designing a floor pattern will define the area and bring visual interest and color. Creating a mood for outdoor dining is easy with garden flowers, throw pillows on chairs, colorful umbrellas, lanterns and candles. Hanging wind chimes will add sound to your outdoor oasis every time there is a gentle breeze. Create a comfortable gathering place and conversation area centered around the fireplace. Outdoor fireplace makes an inviting and intimate space for relaxation and romantic evenings, while also warding off the chill at night.

Make your outdoor living space an extension of your home by using outdoor furnishings and accent touches. A day bed with a weather-resistant cover and with fluffy pillows is a comfortable and welcoming sight. If you are looking for minimal outdoor furniture care consider permanent furniture made of concrete or other materials. Concrete or stone tables, chairs, couches and chaises can be softened by using cushions of vibrant colors and textures. Furniture groupings for conversation areas should include a minimum of three seating options as well as a coffee table or side tables to allow people to have a place to rest a drink, a book, or suntan lotion. Use planter boxes with trellises to create a wall for an area. By planting flowering vines, you will still have an airy feeling that brings a burst of color and texture to an outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting

Designer outdoor lighting will create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Stylish outdoor ceiling fans can create different levels of lighting when complemented with gas sconces, chandeliers and table lamps. Still nothing flickers like a real flame in a gas lantern. If you prefer the convenience of a ceiling fan you may want to consider adding misters in warm climates and radiant heaters in coastal areas. Wrought iron chandelier and sconces also can be used as sophisticated accent pieces for covered outdoor rooms. Glass and sheer stone countertops can be illuminated with under counter lighting to create soft ambient light that lights up cocktail or wine glasses and guest alike. Combined with surrounding landscaping lighting outdoor rooms can be used all day and night. Gazebos and pergolas make the room feel complete with carefully positioned spot lighting and reflecting lights.

Fireplaces and firepits

Sun room

Many homeowners want a dedicated “sunroom”, and we are experts in the design and construction that takes maximum advantage of available sun. We will create a southern exposure and use overhangs that let you maximize the light but minimize solar heat gain. Our design increases energy efficiency while assuring practicality and usability of your sunroom.  We will build whatever sunroom you want with the best quality and customer care. Sunroom naturally draws the family and guests because it is comfortable place for children to play. Sunroom can serve as a breakfast nook overlooking the outdoors, or let your family gather in front of the natural gas fireplace. Sunroom is great addition to every home.

Decorative concrete

Stamped, stenciled or stained concrete patios and walkways establish the basic floor plan and design scheme for your outdoor room, and you can pattern your outdoor floor with a permanent, weatherproof rug to add visual effect and help define dining and conversation areas. Porcelain tiles can also be installed to create an outdoor – indoor room. To create a perfectly functional and relaxing outdoor room requires careful planning. Just like when you are designing an indoor space, you have to consider unique architectural style, color harmony of materials and colors, sensible traffic flow, space requirements and comfort. And an outdoor room has its own special challenges, such as assuring privacy while at the same time creating shelter from the sun and wind.

How to create an outdoor room

Always make the most of your space and create inviting and comfortable outdoor oasis.

If you have a yard, a rooftop deck or a small patio it is easy to create an outdoor room. Here are some simple steps to help you make the most of your space:

  1. Decide what is the ideal use your outdoor space
  2. Collect ideas, photos and clips you like
  3. See outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues, kitchens, patio furniture on display
  4. Review the style of your house and write selected items on your wish list
  5. Consider fire, food and water – key elements of an outdoor room
  6. Make your fireplace the central focal point and blend in
  7. Place the cooking area and other items you want
  8. Meet with our designers to design your outdoor room layout
  9. Place the furnishings on the plan
  10. Accessorize: landscaping, patio heaters, outdoor speakers, potted plants, pillows and other items will decorate your outdoor space
  11. Harmonized landscaping with a little greenery will accentuate your space

If you have original structural plans and detailed drawings of your home, we will help you save time and money on your outdoor room. Our team has the expertise necessary to ensure that your outdoor room project is handled efficiently and professionally. Before starting any outdoor room project contact us to discuss all options for your outdoor room.


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