How to Buy and Build Real Estate Value

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WELCOME AND THANK YOU!  Thank you for visiting our new AA Designs website. We hope you enjoy the tour and learn some less known facts about real estate properties and about the design and construction profession. Our goal is to help you make the best choices when buying and / or building real estate property. For most of us our home is the biggest investment in our entire life, and we all need some help when evaluating our options and making decisions. Almost anything can be changed, improved, remodeled or replaced, except the LOCATION!

Remember the old saying about the three most important things when buying any real estate:


After you find the location you want you should include some other items in your process of buying and building a real estate property:

  • Have a proven and detailed plan
  • Set realistic goals for your project
  • Set a conservative budget you can live with
  • Visit comparable properties to find out what is available
  • Select the property that best meets your plan
  • Stay focused on reaching your goals
  • Stay involved in the project
  • Have patience and expect some issues
  • Maintain positive attitude and smile a lot
  • Remember: Rome was not built in one day!

Remember the old truth:   You make your money when you buy – you only collect it when you sell!

We are your best choice for all your remodeling, addition and construction projects, and this website is designed to help you learn a little bit more about us and about construction projects in general. Since our first remodeling project in 1980 our focus has always been on best quality and value. Integrity, honesty and experience are the most important assets we bring to your project. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience: We have safely torn homes down, we have taken homes apart for repairs, and we always built much better ones in their place. We repaired and expanded many homes and we completely redesigned others to add both function and space. Many homeowners consult with us when their homes experience serious problems. We raised homes after their structures failed, we reinforced or replaced the footings and the foundations and lowered the homes again onto the updated footings and foundations.

Remodeling and additions is what we do better than anybody. Our experience and results clearly show in our construction photo gallery. Our “Design and Build” program combines the design and construction phase into one smooth and dynamic process, giving our customers the best “one-stop shopping” option. Our team of experienced builders is ready to serve your designs and construction needs. Call us today to discuss your project. Our complimentary consultation will help you choose the best direction you need for a successful real estate project.

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