Design and Construction Plan

From here to your dream home – step by step home building plan

  1.  Preliminary plan design
  2.  Site selection
  3.  Construction financing
  4.  Obtain HOA approval
  5.  Secure school fees certificate
  6.  Design detailed plans and submit for City/County review
  7.  Submit corrections, pay fees and get building permit
  8.  Excavation, soils and drainage
  9.  Foundation steel and concrete work
  10.  Plumbing tie-in and utilities rough-in
  11.  Concrete finish
  12.  Electrical temp power service or power generator
  13.  Site backfill rough grade
  14.  Temp drive access for deliveries
  15.  First framing materials
  16.  Steel and lumber framing
  17.  Framing inspections as required
  18.  Framing materials to complete
  19.  Construct roof and ceilings – once roof in place
  20.  Plumbing (water, drain and gas) rough in begins
  21.  Plumbing material on site
  22.  Pressurize gas & water pipes and fill drains for inspection
  23.  Main electrical panel
  24.  Electrical rough in begins
  25.  Electrical material on site – test electrical
  26.  HVAC rough in begins
  27.  HVAC material on site
  28.  Roofing sheathing
  29.  Roofing membrane
  30.  Windows and exterior doors
  31.  Coordination of all above to work in same space
  32.  Inspections for all above as needed
  33.  Coordinate any inspector additions and corrections
  34.  All services in place
  35.  Wall insulation & blocking installed and confirmed
  36.  At any point up to now all exterior finish installed
  37.  Inspection OK to drywall
  38.  Drywall install and finish
  39.  After ceilings installed final ceiling insulation
  40.  Permanent electrical hookup in place & inspected
  41.  Interior texture, priming and painting
  42.  Finished electrical & plumbing fixtures all on site
  43.  Electrical finish installed and tested including Data
  44.  Plumbing finish installed and tested
  45.  HVAC systems finished and tested
  46.  Cabinetry installed and counter tops measured & ordered
  47.  All interior doors trim and stair and stairway parts installed
  48.  Counter tops installed
  49.  Final plumbing fixtures installed in counter tops
  50.  All floor covering installed
  51.  Any time during above driveways, sidewalks and patios poured
  52.  Final site clean up
  53.  Final Landscaping
  54.  Walk through and punch list
  55.  Details, touch-ups and deficiencies fixed
  56.  Final inspection and gas and electrical meters release
  57.  Final payment and line release
  58.  Occupancy – Owners move in!

NOTE: The order shown is only for summary reference and not for project tracking! Some of the above items are done parallel or overlap.



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