Design & Build Process

Design and Build Process

Design & Build advantages

Design & Build contract is an integrated construction method used in remodeling and new construction where the designer and the building contractor are the same entity, and where it is known that some of the items will be subject to changes during the project. It takes many years of experience to be able to do both activities to perfection. Design and Build offers significant advantages to clients:

  • Single phone call to the team that handles your entire construction project
  • Expert in each field is responsible for completing each step from initial concept drawings, sketches, feasibility evaluations, budgets, permits, approved plans and working drawings to actual construction and final walk-through
  • Initial budget estimate reduces the risk of requiring major overhaul after completing all architectural drawings and obtaining a building permit
  • In-house design development and optional small scale model helps to mitigate time consuming and costly construction changes and even errors
  • Detailed exploratory and investigative work is being performed both during the design and during construction to minimize surprises and major changes
  • The timeframe from design start to completion is significantly reduced
  • Most importantly – Design & Build means a single source of accountability

Our perfected Design & Build process keeps our clients coming back to us time and over again. We know the best way to assure a successful end result is to carefully plan a detailed, proven path from the very first consultation. We take great pride in our focused Design & Build process, and we work with you to create a plan that meets your design and budget goals. All decisions are made upfront so there are minimal surprises after the work starts, and majority of the work is done by our own people using our own equipment to ensure quality control and continuing supervision.


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