Custom Home Building Process

Custom Home Building ProcessWe meet to understand your dreams, plans and needs

You bring us all the information you collected including drawings, sketches, brochures, pictures, floor plans, designs, ideas, layouts, plans and magazine articles you assembled,  our home planning guide questionnaire filled out as best you can, and all your notes. Together we review and discuss all aspects of your new home, establish a preliminary budget and if needed we refer you to a financing entity (if you do not already have one). You sign an engagement document and pay a small design fee for the first design draft. Our designers prepare first design draft which usually consists of the site layout, floor plans and preliminary elevations. We always suggest using the best technology available to save you money in a long run. If you use email we will scan and email you back all documents you provided, including drawings, contracts, specification, etc. for your on-line review and for your markup. This saves time and money and it eliminates the inconvenience of repeated personal meetings.

You receive preliminary drawings and written proposal

You review all preliminary drawings and the general budget and we discuss any changes you may require. If everything is acceptable you sign the proposal and pay a design deposit. We charge you only for the actual work performed and our charges are billed weekly against the design deposit at the agreed upon hourly rate.

Design work begins

During this phase your home design is refined and plans and all details are completed. Progress drawings are submitted to you via email for your review and markup. You also:

  • Select your color schemes
  • Select cabinets and finalize cabinet layouts
  • Select and order vanities
  • Select and order counter tops and back splashes
  • Select and order appliances
  • Select and order flooring and tiles
  • Select and order staircase and railing parts
  • Select and order lighting fixtures and fans
  • Meet with all vendors or subcontractors requiring coordination

If you are unable to visit supplier showrooms you can view all products online. Color samples and fan decks can be provided to you if needed.

Pricing and contract signing

Pricing and contract signing

During this phase your changes are finalized and all drawings are completed, your color schemes, cabinets, vanities, counter tops, appliances,  flooring, tiles, staircase and railing parts and lighting fixtures are selected, your final pricing is determined and your financing is in place. We are now ready to execute your project construction contract and proceed to submit your plans to all agencies for review and issuance of the building permit.

* If you do not have your own financing we can refer you to lenders we have worked with in the past that specialize in construction loans.. 

Building department & agency approvals

At this time the complete permit application package for your new home is submitted to the city orcountyZoning, Planning and Building departments, and any other agencies required for construction permitting (Fire Authority,School District, HOA, Coastal Planning Commission, etc.). Every city and county is different and has varying permitting response times. Government agency response time for your home’s permit will vary from 2 to 12 weeks. Any plan corrections requested by the agencies are made and revised plans are submitted for final approval and issuance of the building permit. As soon as you are ready to start construction the permit fees are paid and the permits are issued.


Typically you only need to be involved in this phase if issues such as protected plant and tree species are present, or other unusual site conditions arise. If you are out-of-town during the workdays, we can usually handle all of these items without your physical presence at the jobsite.


This is by far the most exciting stage! The building of your dream home starts and the tangible progress becomes visible. During this phase you are kept informed of weekly progress through phone calls, digital progress photos, progress reports and status emails. We recommend at least a weekly bi-directional communication, and we prefer you visit the site at least once a week. Your decisions and active involvement is typically needed for the following:

Pre-drywall inspection

Your presence is required at the jobsite during this phase. When the framing and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) rough-in’s are completed, we schedule a jobsite meeting with you and together we thoroughly inspect the home prior to the drywall being installed. Specific items we will be inspecting include not only general overall conformance to the plans and design, but specifically plumbing, electrical, HVAC and technology installations to ensure your home is complete to this state. Final locations and connectivity of all TV coax/HDMI outlets and A/V centers, CAT-6 network cables and AP/routers, security and intercom locations and wiring, etc.. Before drywall is installed, open framing makes modifications or last minute changes fast and easy.

Walk through Inspection

Your presence during the Walk-through is mandatory. When all construction is finished (and before you move in), we schedule a jobsite meeting and conduct a walk-through inspection. During this meeting we go through a complete Home Checklist and inspect your entire home room by room, scope of work by scope of work to insure your home is move-in ready. This inspection usually takes a minimum of 2 hours. At the conclusion of this inspection, we confirm your move-in date, finalize any financial transactions and completion documents, then any punch-list items generated from the walk-thru are coordinated with the subs to be completed prior to your move-in date.

You can download Inspection Checklist and HUD Form here:

Closing & move-In

Now your home is finally complete and all last minute items are done. The local building department has performed the final inspection, released the electric meter and the gas meter, and issued your CO (Certificate of Occupancy). Your Homeowners Insurance policy is in place and the lender made his final inspection and disbursement. All closing papers are signed, the deed is issued and you move in! Welcome to your new home!

Closing and Moving in


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