Plumbing Problems

Most frequent plumbing problems are clogs, drips or leaks. You can minimize the damages caused by plumbing problems as well as fix minor problems on your own just by knowing your plumbing system. First find out where the main water shutoff valve is and how to turn it off. This is usually either outside your home or in your basement or crawlspace. If you can’t find it or don’t know how to turn it off, contact your utility company and have them show you. Keep handy an tools that are necessary to turn off your water and gas. Being able to shut your water and gas off at the main valve can be vital to reducing damage to your home if a pipe were to spring a leak or burst.

You should also check each plumbing appliance (sinks, toilets, etc.) for their own shutoff valves and verify they work. If the valves fail to turn off water to the appliance, you should have them fixed by a professional plumber. These valves come in handy when the need arises to repair individual appliances. If an appliance has no valves, you will need to shut off your water at the main valve to repair it.

When it comes to clogs and slow drains, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the tub or shower, invest in an inexpensive hair trap or screen to prevent the majority of hair and soap scum from going down the drain. In the kitchen, don’t pour cooking grease down your drain. It will harden and coat your pipes with a sticky scum that will catch other particles and eventually clog the pipe. Instead, keep it in a coffee can or milk container and dispose of it with your garbage once it’s cooled. You should also avoid dumping coffee grounds down the drain. They’re notorious for causing clogs.
Maintaining your drains on a weekly basis is also a good idea to keep your pipes clear. One way to do this is to pour a half-cup of salt, a half-cup of baking soda and a half-cup of vinegar down the drain and follow with two quarts of boiling water.

If you have a clog don’t panic. Clogs and slow drains most commonly occur in areas that you can be easily clean without professional plumber (if more than one drain or toilet is affected you will need to contact a plumber). Try a plunger or chemical clog removers. Be careful and always follow package instructions

Any structure built before 1970 is a plumbing challenge. Most problems are due to its age and inferior plumbing materials, including galvanized steel water supply lines, cast-iron drain pipes and clay sewer lines. Low water pressure due to the original galvanized steel pipes rusting and closing up like an clogged artery are the most common problem. Plumbers stopped using galvanized steel water supply lines around 1970 when copper and plastic pipes became industry standard, but they can still be found in older homes. Replacing corroded pipe sections may temporarily solve this problem. If several leaks exist it will be necessary to replace all supply lines with flexible PEX or copper pipes.

Old home plumbing repairs are usually harder to do due to old fashioned craftsmanship such as thicker wood framing and plaster walls rather than drywall sheets. Old homes were built much stronger than new homes, so even simple drilling into wood or cutting into a wall is a lot more difficult. Historical properties also require us to work through the red tape before any changes can be made.

Leak location discovery and repairs

A slab leak is usually just a pinhole water leak in a copper pipe installed under the foundation of the building. Finding a slab water leak requires sophisticated leak location equipment and a great deal of leak locating training and experience.

Underground pipe leaks can cause hidden damage

Leaks underground can cause undermining of the foundation. The water leak is usually a high pressure stream of water that erodes the soil away causing a hole under the foundation. This can lead to foundation settling, doors getting misaligned and roof sagging. It is important to find those underground water leaks, slab leaks, as soon as possible.

Often the first sign of a underground water leak, slab leak, is a high water bill. High water bills are a late warning to the present of a pipe leak underground. The slab leak has typically already done a significant amount of water damage to the home by the time you get that high water bill in the mail. Our plumbers will work with you and your insurance company to select the least invasive and the most inexpensive plumbing repair method. Our experts have many years of experience with underground water leaks and slab foundation leaks. We can even fix water leaks under POST TENSION slabs!

Professional inspections

If you would like a thorough professional inspection of your plumbing system by one of our experts please contact our office for an appointment. We have the expertise to detect problems invisible to an untrained eye, and help you stave off problems before they start. You get a detailed report summarizing our findings and recommended course of action including the estimated cost of the repairs.

Complete plumbing services

  • Same Day Water Leak Repair
  • 1 Day Hot Water Reroute
  • Same Day Slab Leak Relief
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Copper Pipe Repair
  • Steel Pipe Repair
  • Water Valve Repair
  • Copper Re-Pipe
  • Copper Water Service
  • Line Location Service
  • Leak Detection Service
  • Sewer Pipe Location
  • Sewer Camera Service
  • Foundation Water Leaks
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Manufacturer Parts Guarantee
  • Lifetime Labor Defect Guarantee

We solve most plumbing problems

  • Banging Pipes
  • No Hot Water
  • Not Enough Water
  • Leaking Faucets
  • Leaking Valves
  • Leaking Showers
  • Leaking Bathtubs
  • Leaking Kitchen Sinks
  • Leaking Toilets
  • Leaking Air Conditioning
  • Hydronic Heaters
  • Water Furnaces
  • Gas Leaks
  • Low Water Pressure
  • High Water Pressure
  • Leaking Sewer Lines
  • Leaking Drain Lines
  • Water Running in Walls
  • Leak Under Concrete
  • Finding Water Leaks
  • High Water Bills
  • and much more


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