Wet Room, Sauna, Steam Room & Radiant Heating

Wet Room

Wet rooms are a new trend in modern bathrooms that is becoming increasingly popular with today’s savvy homeowners. The idea of a wet room is simple: maximize the use of the available space in the most flexible way. Wet room is an evolved bathroom which takes the design to a whole new level by extending an “open” shower concept to the entire room. Modern wet room is an elegant, functional, rejuvenating and relaxing place. Wet room concept integrates the shower instead it being boxed out in the corner. Wet rooms are clean and streamlined and feature showers with a flat flooring which makes them easily accessible by children and the handicapped. Major difference is the level that has no step or tray in the shower area. Instead the floor has a slight gradient so the water drains away and doesn’t spill out on the bathroom floor.

Shower heads on flexible hoses, rain shower heads, saunas, smart toilets, massaging spa tubs, steam rooms, heated floors, towel warmers, waterproof TVs and other modern amenities are easily accessible. Wet room is a functionally enhanced and redesigned bathroom. Wet room feels very open and needs very little maintenance. Wet room is all about luxury, style, function and lasting value. The most luxurious materials are both durable and timeless. However, all those advantages come at a price. The entire wet room area must be properly waterproofed, because leaking water can cause damage not only to your new and stylish pride and joy of a bathing area, but to the whole house. This is best done by installing a quality waterproof membrane like the Schluter-Ditra. It provides unmatched uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management, structural support and load distribution. Learn more about this superior product at http://www.schluter.com/6_1_ditra.aspx.

Because more and more homeowners are planning to stay in their current home for a lifetime, selecting the best materials is imperative to get the most for your money. Work with our design consultants to get “the most bang for your buck”. We create the most stylish, elegant and practical bathroom designs that make the daily life easier even for those dealing with a physical challenge. By using the latest technologies and quality components we are able to create bathrooms that can be easily used from a seated position as well as be fully utilized by any household member. Here are a few examples of the advanced features we install:

  • Level entry floor for wheelchair access and no tripping hazard
  • Roll-in shower enclosures for easy seated or stand up showering
  • Hose attached shower head for all around showering in any position
  • High level WC with fold away assist bars
  • Easy-grip hand bars, taps and levers
  • Low level or eye level easy access cabinets and storage systems
  • Heated floors and heated towel drying racks
  • Steam free mirrors and remotely adjustable lighting
  • Washlet heated seat and water stream toilet/bidet with remote
  • Automatic touch free flushing toilets
  • Automatic touch free faucets
  • Automatic wall mounted air dryer
  • Non-slip floor covering
  • Moisture tight wall covering
  • Automatic steam room or sauna
  • Automatic lights and fan switches
  • Automatic music, TV and hands free intercom
  • Alarm and emergency systems

Whether you plan to add a lavish master bathroom suite, enlarge your existing bathroom, add functionality or just remodel your current bathroom – call us to help. Read architectural, building and decorating magazines, write down all ideas and options you like, and browse our online photo gallery for some inspiring, creative and unusual ideas. Bring your notes, drawings, sketches and your dreams and sit down with our designers to develop a plan that best meets your family’s living style and needs.

Our goal is to provide you the best quality service and old fashioned craftsmanship. You can relax knowing that we will be with you every step of the way, from the initial design phase, through construction and to the final walk-through. Our streamlined process is what makes the end result perfect. We have built a reputation as one of Southern California’s finest new construction and remodel companies.

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Benefits of saunas and steam baths are widely known, and Finnish and Swedish people have enjoyed sauna in their cold climates. Authentic wood sauna with hot rocks is the simplest and most popular type, dating back as far as 2,000 years ago in Finland. Saunas and steam rooms are heat rooms used for relaxation and to relieve medical conditions like congestion or arthritis. Saunas provide dry heat in a wood-paneled room from a wood or electric stove. Generally the stove heats some rocks which then radiate the heat throughout the room. Sauna may put out a small amount of steam when water is poured over the hot rocks, however overall the sauna still provides a dry heat. Sauna temperature typically ranges from 160 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit with a low humidity level ranging from 5% to 30%. Steam provide humid heat from a water-filled generator pumping hot steam into the enclosed room. Steam room temperature typically ranges from 110 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit with a 100% humidity. Sauna in not better than a steam room – you just have to try both of them out and select the one you prefer.

Both hot room types have benefits since sweating opens skin pores and can temporarily cleanse the outer skin, and sweating makes you relaxed, lowers your pulse and blood pressure by causing blood vessels to dilate, and removes salts from your system. Hot steam treatment relieves stress and soothes tired muscles, detoxifies and provides health improvements related to “induced fever”. The benefits of taking a sauna can be achieved with any type of hot room and the best type of sauna or steam room is simply your personal choice. Your decision should take into consideration your specific health conditions, exercise regimen, space restrictions, social aspects and home decor plans.

Traditional saunas provide a more intense environment with extreme temperatures and blasts of hyper-steam from splashing water on the rocks. For many sauna enthusiasts this is what a true sauna is all about, and it is something they desire and appreciate, while others find this type of sauna too harsh. They may consider a steam bath or one of the amazing Tylo Combi sauna heaters with a built in steamer. Compared to traditional sauna the steam bath approach provides lower overall temperatures (110°F to 120°F. vs. 185°F to 195°F) and higher humidity (70% to100% vs. 10% to 30 %). The higher humidity “softens” the heat and makes it more pleasant.

Infrared saunas offer a modern twist to an age-old experience. Infrared radiation is used to heat your body, and because the rays are absorbed directly into your body, you can work up a sweat at less intense temperatures than a traditional sauna (100°F to 130°F. vs. 185°F to 195°F.) Some people view saunas as a communal experience, i.e. something to be done with a family or friends, and they prefer larger rooms. Traditional saunas are more suitable here because they are readily available in numerous sizes. Homeowners who are renovating want to incorporate the sauna in their homes to match the outside décor, and for these clients a built-in sauna kit or a steam shower is usually more desirable. You can learn more about infrared saunas and steam rooms at http://www.divapor.com/sauna-steam-room.php.

Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating heats the room by a heating system under the floor that produces heat in the form of infrared waves. These waves heat the flooring and other objects in the room, which in turn heat the air and cause the overall room temperature to rise. Radiant heating is the primary choice for heating floors inside homes and other buildings, and is often advocated as an alternative for those suffering from allergies, since radiant floor heating doesn’t need to move air. Some systems may also have energy-saving properties. Electrical radiant floor heating is the simplest system, consisting of an electrical mat of wires installed beneath the floor and a control unit that turns the heating on and off and adjusts the temperature. Heating element wire mats come in different shapes and sizes and can be adjusted to fit almost any size room. This system is useful when adding floor heating to an existing home or equipping a new addition.

Hydronic radiant floor systems utilize a system of pipes heated by circulating water to warm the room. The water is heated in a boiler, pumped through the pipes in the floor where it releases the heat, and then re-circulated back to the boiler. While this system requires full installation in a house and can have higher installation costs, it uses less power than most other heating systems and can save money on electrical bills. Hydronic systems cannot be installed room by room, they must be built as part of the house when the floor is being constructed.

Radiant floor heating can be used with a wide variety of floor materials including carpet, but it generally produces the best effects when used with hardwood or tile floors/ Carpet can act as an insulator that keeps the warmth from passing into the air, whereas hardwood, tile and stone are all much more heat conductive. You will feel the difference walking on a heated tile floor versus carpet. When using hardwoods be sure they are heat resistant and will not be damaged or warped by the continual floor heating.

Towel warmers are either electrical or hydronic and come in many shapes, materials and sizes. Call us to discuss what is best for your sauna, steam room, bathroom or wet room.


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