AA DESIGNS Remodeling Options

We are proud to provide our clients the best remodel project solutions. We offer personal on site design consultations, outstanding service and superior quality craftsmanship. We know that if you will be satisfied we will be  your preferred remodeling contractor for life!

For many years the discriminating homeowners in Southern Californiahave relied on AA Designs for a complete range of services including industrial and commercial remodel projects, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, pool, spa and landscaping remodel and other business and home restoration needs. No job is too small for us and we always guarantee the quality of our workmanship. Our goal is to rejuvenate your home in the shortest possible time and within your budget.


Express Remodel vs. Design & Build Remodel

We offer two solutions for your home remodeling needs – Express and Design & Build. Express remodels usually don’t need any plans and are fast to complete, while Design & Build remodels require plans, permits and inspections and usually take several weeks to complete. Here are a couple of questions to find out which option is the best for you to select. And don’t worry. No matter which option you select, we will be your “GPS” throughout the entire remodeling process.

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Remodeling Solution Comparison

Small Remodel & Repair Xpress Projects Design & Build, Custom and Special Projects
Small, simple, no plan project Design & Build project
No detailed design or plans Custom detailed design & plans
Limited or small project budget Flexible project budget
Quick start and finish schedule Phased project schedule
Your select all your materials Help with material procurement
Usually prefer online purchase Mostly prefer personal selection
Standard designs & materials Unlimited designs & materials
Direct materials warranty Custom materials warranty
1 Year Written Warranty 2 Year Written Warranty
Best in class results Award winning results


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