Kitchen Planning Guide

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Design and Style

Do you prefer open or closed kitchen style? (required)

Do you want a center island, and if yes, fixed or mobile? (required)

Do you have sketches, notes and photos with ideas?

What do you and your family like about your current kitchen?

What are the issues with your current kitchen layout?

What colors and materials you want in your new kitchen?

Stained or faux cabinets

White or painted cabinets

Modern or stainless steel appliances

What is your style preference for your new kitchen


Refrigerator – built-in or standalone

Freezer – built in or standalone

Wine cooler – built-in or standalone

Stove or Cooktop (gas, electric, dual fuel, infrared)

Cooktop griddle or BBQ – gas, dual fuel or electric

Food warmer drawer

Oven – dual or single (gas, electric, dual fuel, convection, steam)

Microwave oven (with convection)

Dishwasher – single or dual drawer

Trash compactor

Automatic coffee maker – built-in or standalone

Universal Mixer – built-in, pull-out or counter top

Design Goals

Will this be your retirement home?

If not, how many years to you plan to stay?
Number of family members living at home

Will young children use kitchen to prepare meals/snacks?

Where does your family eat their meals at present?

Where would you like your family to eat meals after the remodel?

Do you want fixed kitchen table or do you have other preferences?

Besides cooking & eating, what other activities will you do in the kitchen?

After the remodel will you be entertaining more?

If yes, how often and what style (i.e. formal or informal)?

times per month

Will you have large groups (over 10) or small groups (less than 6)?

While entertaining will another person help prepare meals?

How do you shop?

If you buy bulk do you need storage for all or most items?

Do you need a separate wet bar/coffee bar/wine/beverage center?

Cooking Style

Who is the primary cook?
Is the primary cook left handed or right handed?

What is the primary cook’s cooking style?

How does the primary cook prefer to cook?

Is this a two chef kitchen (two cooks cooking at the same time)?

If yes, is the secondary cook right handed or left handed?

Do the cooks have any physical limitations?


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