Garage Floor and Storage Solutions

Epoxy coated garage floors

Epoxy coated garage floors with flake décor are a popular choice that transforms old oil stained garage into a clean living space impervious to any traffic damage. Our tested floor coating process utilizes advanced thermosetting epoxy polymers, urethanes and colored vinyl flakes to cover any concrete surface with a granite-like finish. This process is now being applied in garages, showrooms, schools, businesses and other places requiring permanently sealed concrete floor. We use only the finest 100% solid epoxy products with zero VOC (Volatical Organic Content) and apply them after meticulous surface repair, cleaning, preparation and thorough sealing.

Epoxy characteristics

  High strength, durability and longevity
Chemical resistance (automotive fluids don’t stain and are easily wiped
  Fast curing time (24 to 36 hrs)
  High abrasion resistance
  Best applied between 50° to 90°f
  Satin finish, semi-gloss or high gloss
  Non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, USDA and FDA approved.

Do you want to get organized?

Let us help you design and build organization and storage solutions for your home or business. You can select from standard storage solutions that come in many designs, styles, colors and materials. Or ask us to craft a custom design for your garage, storage room, work room or business. If you garage or office is full of stuff and your current floor space is too small to hold it all, consider organizing your garage space by installing a custom storage solution. If you want to have your bikes, surfboards, kites, kayaks, paddle boards, golf clubs, camping gear, skis, snowboards and all other large items neatly organized and out of sight, you should call us for help with you garage space design. You can create a workbench or a hobby and exercise room simply by coating your old garage floor with a durable and beautiful epoxy coating. After the flooring is done we can also install base cabinets, wall cabinets and overhead storage shelves or racks to fit all the things you need to put away. Get all garden and building tools inside neat storage spaces.

Our carefully optimized designs can double and even triple your actual storage space by creating a perfectly optimized configuration. We can custom design and manufacture each piece to exactly fit your specific needs. We use the highest quality furniture grade composite boards available with thermo-fused melamine surface, as well as composite doors with many simulated wood surface options. All shelves are adjustable in three inch increments and all drawers use Accuride ball bearing slides. All our closet units are extra strong and engineered to be wall mounted. Our storage and organization systems give you quality, performance and value because we combine only the best components and top quality accessories to create the most practical, functional, flexible and efficient storage solutions.

Storage solutions are available for:


We will measure your existing space and create a design that best fits your storage needs.



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