Electrical Services

Electrical problems can literally SHOCK YOU!

Never try to repair any electrical problems on your own! Always leave the dangerous electrical work to our licensed and experienced professionals.

Did you know that we are among the few contractors that do our own electrical work? We have experienced electricians and we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our services are cost effective since we will do all design, engineering, planning and installation.

You don’t have to live with old, worn or outdated breakers, worn wiring or old electrical panels in your home. Let us inspect your home and identify all problem areas so you won’t have to worry about losing power when you need it most, or being in danger from overheated circuits, smoke and fire. Call us today to ensure risk-free electricity!

We can handle any project you have professionally and safely. All of our electricians are expertly-trained and undergo individual background checks to ensure any size job is done to your 100% satisfaction. You have our guarantee on it.

We offer complete electrical troubleshooting services. We will analyze and research your problems and let you know what repairs, changes or additions have to be made. All our work is done in compliance with the NEC (National Electrical Code) regulations so you can be sure you are safe. From small residential 110V/220V to large industrial 208V/240V/480V to 7,200V and 14,400V, we are your single source for all your electrical power needs.


 Our services include

  • Complete electrical system inspection
  • Electrical evaluation and corrections
  • Troubleshoot and correct to code
  • Service panel upgrades & relocation
  • Test and verify breakers and fuses
  • Fuse box repair, upgrade & installation
  • Circuit breakers testing & installation Circuit Interrupt (GFCI)
  • Arc Fault Protectors (ARC)
  • Add wall outlets, lights and wiring
  • Light fixtures installs & replacements
  • Exhaust, bath, attic and ceiling fans installations and replacements
  • Appliance AC outlets and breakers
  • Hot tub, sauna & steam room safe wiring
  • Landscape lighting design, installation, troubleshooting and replacement
  • Smoke & CO detectors
  • Surge and shock protectors
  • Telephone, TV & network cabling
  • Security & intercom Systems
  • Home theatre projectors & screens
  • HVAC thermostats & IP remotes
  • iPhone/Android phone remote control

Can you imagine your life without electricity? Our lives depend on appliances and modern gadgets that all use electricity. We depend on them for light, heat, cooling, communication, cooking, baking, entertainment and much more. We take for granted that electricity is always available. But what do you do when there is a power failure or electrical problem? Unless you are an electrician or a super experienced and trained handyman, you should always call a licensed professional. Many people try to fix electrical problems on their own, causing accidents and injuries that could have been prevented if a licensed electrician was called. Electricians have to be very good at what they do because working with electricity is dangerous. The safety of your home is ensured through laws that cover electrical building codes and other safety regulations. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we are trained on all building codes and regulations. Our experience allows us to fix all issues properly to meet all regulatory guidelines. You can always count on our knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and helpful staff.

Electricity and safety

Check all electric cords for damage and have damaged cords repaired immediately Worn or cracked cords can cause shock, short circuit and ignite a fire

  • Always use the plastic housing to remove electric plug from a wall outlet – never pull on the cord
  • Never overload electric outlets with too many items plugged in at once
  • Water and electricity do not mix – never operate electric appliances such as radios, players or hair dryers near a bathtub or a sink full of water
  • Insert only safe electric plugs into AC outlets
  • Never stick your fingers, toys or any objects inside the electric outlets
  • If you have small children install plug covers on all AC outlets as  recommended by theAmericanAcademyof Pediatrics andAmericanAcademyof Family Practice
  • Unplug any appliance that emits sparks or that does not work properly
  • Always unplug an appliance before cleaning, opening or repairing it
  • Always unplug the toaster and other appliances when removing a piece of food
  • Limit the use of extension cords and make sure the cord is the appropriate size
  • Check the Amps since some appliances or equipment require heavy duty cords
  • Remember that appliance that has been turned-off is still under power until it is unplugged

Electrical safety outdoors

  • Stay away from major electrical equipment including substations, transformer boxes, electric poles and downed power lines
  • Be aware of main power lines when using an extension ladder and/or long  handled tools such as swimming pool skimming nets and tree trimmers
  • Never use electrical appliances outdoors during rain or on wet surfaces
  • Always wear closed-toe shoes when operating electric lawnmower or hedger
  • Go indoors during thunderstorms, it is very dangerous to stay outside while there is lightning. If are get caught outside squat low to the ground to allow only your shoes (which act like insulators) to touch the ground
  • Never fly kites near overhead power lines: if your kite gets caught in the power lines let it go. Avoid getting a serious shock or being electrocuted
  • Always wear rubber sole shoes when working with electrical power lines


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