Additions and Remodels

We listen to your dreams

AA Designs is a full service custom home addition and remodeling company specializing in the most challenging and unique properties. Our services include additions, interior and exterior renovations, whole house renovations, kitchen remodeling and redesign, bathroom, sauna and steam room additions and renovations, second story additions, additions of second story balconies and view decks, outdoor kitchens and outdoor rooms additions and remodeling, design and additions of home theatres and home studios, as well as new custom home design and construction. There is no better time to start your home addition and remodeling project than now. Interest rates are at an all time low and you get a lot more for you remodeling dollar than ever before. Investing your money into permanent value is more important than ever. An addition to your home or renovation is something you will enjoy now as well as for many years to come.

We’ll start with your dream home design ideas, and we will keep your goals in mind when we refine your layout and review all available options with you. Our creative approach will bring your custom home vision to reality. We partner with all our clients to understand their vision and make it happen. We will sit down with you and help you assemble a “wish list” for your custom home addition or renovation. We listen to your ideas until we understand your style and what you want, and we design a home that satisfies all your needs. Our design experts provide the guidance, suggestions and examples for our clients throughout the decision making process. We can make a ¼” scale foam core model of your custom home addition or remodel and bring it to life. You will be able to see and feel what your new home addition or renovation will look like, how the sun will travel inside all the rooms, and the approximate cost — all before signing the project contract.

We are committed to building the best possible homes for all our clients, and it is our goal to help you make all your dreams come true. We are known for great design ideas and innovative solutions, and we will make sure you get exactly what you envision.


Custom home addition

A custom home addition is a project that expands the size of your home, and adds rooms that your family needs. Whether it’s a large addition to your home such as building a second story on the top of your existing home, adding a room on top of your garage, adding a new sun room, or even a simple expansion of one of the rooms, an addition is a great way to create more space on top of what you already have.

Why addition or remodel

If you are running out of rooms, if your family is squeezed in the existing rooms, or if the kitchen area is not big enough for your expanding family and guests, a custom addition is the best option you have. If there are not enough bathrooms in your original home, or if you would like more storage space or an extra bonus room over an existing garage, additions to your home can make all the difference in the comfort and functionality of your home, while at the same time increasing its value. If the lack of living space is the main problem you have, a home addition is an excellent option. It is far less expensive to add space to your existing home than it is to sell it and to purchase a new larger home. The money that you save in commissions and closing costs is better spent on a home addition, not to mention the cost and stress of moving. When you weigh all the options you have to add space to your house, custom home addition is the smartest and cheapest way to add space to your existing home.

Home addition benefits

  • Extra space custom designed to fit the way you live
  • Ability to work on your own time table
  • You control when you want the project to start and end
  • Design the addition to meet your vision of the living space with a home builder that has the education and experience to build it exactly the way you want

Before you begin building a home addition…

be sure to check several important items:

  • home market values in your neighborhood areas
  • costs of your custom home addition
  • layout and design plans
  • how will you finance the addition
  • how much time you will spend on the addition
  • your level of tolerance for the disruption of living

When properly managed custom home addition will make a tremendous difference in your quality of life. To find out more how a home addition can add value to your home and bring comfort, convenience and space to your life, contact John Harwer directly at AA Designs.

During the last 11 years we have built a reputation as one of Southern California’s finest custom addition and remodeling contractors. We are proud of our work and we will be happy to let you see some of our recent successes in person. Our goal is to make your lifetime of home addition and remodeling dreams come true at the best possible cost.


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